Maya Angelou Public Charter School 

Hear Our Voices

Hear Our Voices is a short video created by the students of Maya Angelou Public Charter School. The documentary depicts a young woman presenting a poem in her class about the importance of the Black Lives Matter movement. The students in this video use their voices to demand change within the African American community. Hear Our Voices was written, directed, and produced by the students.

What Does Black Lives Matter Mean to You

Maya Angelou Public Charter School created a video to reflect on the injustices in the African American communities. The students/teachers in this documentary explore the idea of what Black Lives Matter means to them.

Girls Inc.

Sisterhood at Girls Inc.

Girls Inc. Documentary

The Bond of Black Sisterhood- Girls Inc. Bold Group

The Bond of Black Sisterhood is a documentary put together by the Girls Inc. Digital Media Club. The documentary asks four girls about their experience at the camp, what they learned, and what sisterhood means to them. The Bond of Black Sisterhood was written, directed, and produced by the girls featured in this short documentary.  

If It's Not Cute, Keep It On Mute Movie 



We Have A Story to Tell 

Eastern SHS

American Promise Teacher Talk  

Teacher Talk | A Teacher’s Love | Teacher Lens

Mrs. Oluonye, a special education and English teacher, discusses the joys and challenges of working with students at Eastern Senior High School.


American Promise Student Talk  

Student Talk | The Impact of Inspiration | Student Lens

11th grader Fitzgerald Hunt shares how inspirational teachers have impacted him and the importance of supportive parents.


UPO/Smithsonian dMAC

Reclaiming The Edge

Anacostia River Student Expedition | A Day on the Anacostia River

American Graduate Digital Media Arts Club students explore the Anacostia River, which expands from Prince George’s County, MD to the nation’s capital. During their journey, students learn about the river’s historic significance, its diverse species and ways to improve its sanitation.


DC College Success Foundation/ Guerilla Arts dMAC 


Three troubled girls battling drugs, abusive relationships and unemployment are introduced to an urban academic program, “Each One Teach One,” and will have to decide on the fate of their futures.


CentroNia dMAC 

What’s Your Guava?

American Graduate dMAC student Dileiny Cruz explores her neighborhood asking the question ““What’s Your Guava?” 


Ballou dMAC

Go To School Don’t Be A Fool

The students at Ballou Senior High School Digital Media Arts Club (dMAC) produce a song about the importance of staying in school and having a productive lifestyle.


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