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National Black Public Media/Public Media Corps (PMC) is partnering with WHUT-TV and Howard University on a grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting to help combat the dropout crisis in this country.

PMC is helping to tackle this program by providing digital media production and literacy training to 8th and 9th graders in D.C. public schools with the goal of increasing retention rates and academic achievement. PMC has set up Digital Media Arts Club (DMAC) afterschool programs in five middle and high schools. The DMACs engage, educate and empower students to use digital technologies to achieve personal growth, self-expression, and improve educational performance. The hands-on training is provided by Fellows from Howard University, who undergo an intensive boot camp training on how to run the clubs and provide instruction in multimedia production using a range of digital technologies.

The participating high schools are Eastern, Ballou Arts & Technology Academy, Anacostia, DC MET and Paul Public Charter. You can check out some of their work here and on the DMAC website.




WHUT Launches an American Graduate Digital Media Arts Club at Girls Inc.

WHUT hosted an American Graduate Digital Media Arts Club (dMAC), which provides the students with digital media production and literacy training, hands-on training in video production, social media and presentation development. In the past dMAC participants has shown that skills gained in the club can positively impact academic achievement, attendance and engagement in the classroom.


AGFF 2013: Be The Change (Washington, DC) -- 1ST PLACE 

Mar 17, 2013

The American Graduate Student Film Festival (AGFF) is an online video competition for students ages 10 to 19 designed to engage youth in the conversation about the high school dropout rate. AGFF is a program of the National Black Programming Consortium and the American Graduate initiative supported by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB). You can learn more about the drop out issue at


Music is the Key

March 16, 2013​

The students at Ballou Senior High School Digital Media Arts Club (dMAC) created a song about how music can be used to keep students away from negative influences and reengage them in school.

Black History Moment: Crystaleen Gordon

February 28, 2013​

Crystaleen is interviewing her English teacher Ms. Lewis about her Black History hero.
Created by the Washington Metropolitan High School (DC MET) Digital Media Arts Club

Who is Your Black History Month Hero?

February 6, 2013​

Black history month reminds us to take time to acknowledge and reflect on African American spiritual, cultural and intellectual figures whose accomplishments we all benefit from today. My students are working on a project that highlights important African American people from the perspective of their teachers. The students created the questions and selected the teachers. This Black History Month project is not only giving the students a chance to perfect their craft but it is also giving them an unique way to explore African American history. The DC MET dMAC students were so excited about this project we’ve decided to add an interactive component. We want you to go to the dMAC Facebook Page and share your Black History Month hero on our wall at . The person can be an historical figure, family member, ancestor, community member and/or anyone who has influenced your life. I’ll start. My Black History Month hero is Gordon Park because he was known for being one of the first African Americans photographs for Vogue Magazine and Time Magazine. In my opinion, he used his camera as a weapon against discrimination. He inspired a generation of photographers and filmmakers and continues to today. Now, it’s your turn don’t forget to visit the Digital Media Arts Club Facebook Page to share a story about your hero. We can’t wait to share the interviews from the DC MET teachers with you. -  Torrance Hill


January 28, 2013​

The students at Ballou Senior High School Digital Media Arts Club (dMAC) created a song about refusing to allow life’s adversities to stop them. School is their Focus.

Discovering Healthy Lifestyles

December 27, 2012​

The past few weeks at Eastern High School posed not only a learning experience for me as a PMC Fellow, but for the students as well. As the students and I were brainstorming ideas for a PSA, the teacher advisor came to us with a challenge. The Discovery Channel was sponsoring a contest among a few high schools in D.C. to create a video about fighting childhood obesity. Though we only had about a week to plan and execute this project, the students were enthused to take on this endeavor.
We immediately began researching obesity and planning our project. The students came up with a script, researched facts, and created a carefully detailed storyboard. They wanted to be sure that when the camera crew from the Discovery Channel arrived in a few days, they were prepared to execute their plan.
It was a rainy and chilly morning but the gloomy weather didn’t damper the energy within Eastern High School. The dMAC students came to school eager and ready to complete their project. They worked with the camera crew to make sure their concepts were correctly displayed. The students had a chance to be actors, create voice-overs, and even plan out their scene. It was inspiring to see the students take part so enthusiastically.
The experience was unique and very rewarding for the dMAC students who participated. The students learned skills that they can definitely use not only in the classroom, but in the real world. In addition, to learning important production elements, such as conceptualizing an idea, writing a script and storyboarding; they also learned the value of teamwork and dedication. I am very proud of the dMAC students at Eastern SHS. - Daria Harrison

DC Met dMAC – Students Dropping In Not Out

December 12, 2012​

My fall semester as an American Graduate Fellow at D.C Metropolitan High School has been a very unique and rewarding experience. I have built relationships with the digital media arts club (dMAC) students and they are making great strides towards developing their unique voice and point of view as storytellers.
The DC MET dMAC began with a photography scavenger hunt. The students canvassed the school’s interior and exterior for interesting people, items and activities to photograph. Through the exercise, they learned about shot composition, framing and how to use the video equipment.
During the 2nd project the students learned about the importance of capturing good audio and how to conduct interviews.
The students are now working on a PSA about “Why it is important to go to college”. When conceptualizing the PSA some students didn’t think school was for them. After further discussion of the topic, sharing my personal story and the opportunities I received while at Howard University, the students decided to reconsider higher education. At the next dMAC meeting we are on scheduled to complete the music for the PSA and then begin the editing process.
After the PSA is complete, I plan to take the students on a tour of Howard University, allow them to visit one of my favorite classes and let them shadow me on a production. They are all familiar with the university because it is near their school but I want to share a day in the life of a college student experience. I hpe this will motivate them to finish high school and pursue their dreams. - Torrance Hill

Welcome to the Anacostia SHS dMAC

November 20, 2012

The students at Anacostia High School Digital Media Arts Club (dMAC) created a video blog post to introduce you to the club members and give you a glimpse of the work we’re creating. - Shamela McClain & Tyrell Vaughn

Impact of the dMAC at Anacostia Neighborhood Library

Sep 18, 2012​

The Anacostia community reflects on the importance of the American Graduate Digital Media Arts Club (dMAC) program at the Anacostia Neighborhood Library.

Twin Brothers Journey to Graduation

June 25, 2012​

This is what could happen when you don't stay in school.  Eastern dMAC Stay in School PSA.

Digital Media Arts Club Impact

June 7, 2012​

LaVaughn Turner, Social Worker at Eastern Senior high school discusses the impact of the dMAC at his school.

"Education Talk Back" – Bullying

May 17, 2012​

In "Education Talk Back — Bullying" Digital Media Arts Club Students at Ballou High School discuss the effects of bullying. "Education Talk Back" is a series of discussions with DC students about the challenges in their schools, families, and communities. These challenges are some of the reasons why students are dropping out of school.

Stay In School PSA

May 4, 2012​

This is what could happen when you don't stay in school. Created by Anacostia Digital Media Arts Club.

Anti-Drug PSA: Joshua Hamilton

March 23, 2012​

Joshua urges us to find an anti-drug.

Obesity PSA: Matthew Streeter

March 23, 2012​

Matthew wants you to become more healthy! Created by the Ballou Arts & Tech Academy Digital Media Arts Club

DC MET Poetry Slam!

Mar 21, 2012

DCMET held a Poetry Slam for its students! Here are some of the poems that stood out from the event! Created at the DC Met Digital Media Arts Club.


Eastern dMAC Black History Moment

Mar 14, 2012​

Interview with Ms. Wilson about her Black History hero.

You Can't Hold Me Back... On My Way to College

Feb 10, 2012​

A student at Ballou STAY High School refuses to let anything hold him back from going to college. The Digital Media Arts club at Ballou STAY created this video.

Getting to the Finish Line

Feb 10, 2012

A student at Eastern Senior High School expresses her excitement, fears and burning passion for going to college. The Digital Media Arts club at Eastern created this video.

More Than A Vice-Principal

Feb 10, 2012

Reginald Guy, a ninth grader at Eastern Senior High School, interviews his Vice-Principal Ms. McDuffey.

Wake Up to Your Education

Feb 10, 2012​

Edward cautions other students to not sleep through high school and wake up to take control of their educations.

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